Kiss me, now.

2020 — 6 min /



Mbylljet me njerëz që puthen. Versione të puthjeve dhe versione të përfshirjes në një puthje. A është ai që puth në të njëjtin nivel me atë që puthet?

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Biografia e Regjisorit

Norika Sefa is a filmmaker based in Prague. Norika was a graduate of the prestigious European Film College in Denmark. Later she got an MFA from FAMU ( The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). Her short films are fragmentary, oneiric pieces, photographic in the way they distill atmosphere within a single frame, still very heterogeneous in style, merging from fiction to documentary. Visually strong pieces that brought participations and awards at more than 20 international film festivals. Her latest short is supervised by one of the most influential film makers alive today Werner Herzog. Norika is currently writeing her second feature film, while also working on the post-production of her first feature. The project received the 1st award at the MIDPOINT script workshop, was participant in Feature Launch Workshop (Trieste IFF), in SARAJEVO IFF, EAVE, KFIFF - work in porgess.

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Norika Sefa


Norika Sefa

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Norika Sefa


Norika Sefa


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Norika Sefa


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