The Van

Albania, France
2019 — 15 min / Colour



Fugoni më në fund ndalet, dyert hapen dhe Djali del i gjallë. Edhe ca përleshje dhe ai do mund të paguajë rrugën e tij nga Shqipëria, me shpresë që të marrë të Atin me vete.

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Biografia e Regjisorit

Erenik studied at the Academy of Arts, Tirana where he graduated with a Master degree in Film Directing. His thesis was Seed Money, a short film written by Jim Uhls (Fight Club). He has participated in the Sarajevo Talent Campus as a Screenwriter, where he developed the short script Reverse which was produced a year later for the Sarajevo City of Film. Reverse collected awards for best film at the Drama ISFF and Cinematic Achievement award at Thessaloniki ISFF. In 2013 he wrote and directed the short film Alphonso that was screened in festivals such as Vancouver International Film Festival and Brussels ISFF. His last short film The Van opened in Cannes' Official Competition for Short Films in 2019 and is now travelling around the globe with more than 50 selections to date, including Sarajevo, Melbourne, Valladolid, Tangiers and Clermont-Ferrand. His films showcase the inner struggles of the characters as they confront with the socio- political space they inhabit, ultimately coming down to unsettling decisions that define them as comic, tragic or grotesque portraits of society. Erenik currently lives and works in Tirana, Albania. He's currently writing his first feature film.

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Erenik Beqiri


Olivier Berlemont

Émilie Dubois

Ermir Keta

Amantia Peza


Guillaume Le Grontec


Pauline Pallier


Rémi Durel

Shfaqjet dhe Çmimet

Cannes, France, 2020

Clermont-Ferrand, France, 2020

Planos FF, Portugal, 2020
Best International Short Film

My True Story FF, United States, 2020
Audience Award

Tulipoff IFF, Denmark, 2020
Award of Recognition


15 rue Philibert Roussy
69004 Lyon - France