United Kingdom, 2018, 15 min, Colour

Alexis has a life-threatening disease. She spends her time in the wooded expanse of northern Scotland where she takes care of dozens of others who are also sick, wounded or dying. Some have terminal cancer, some were about to be killed because of their disabilities, some were saved from slaughterhouses. Alexis provides palliative care for animals. Crannog follows Alexis as she tirelessly tries to nurse a neglected sheep back to health. A quiet reflection on kindness in the face of death, the film intimately explores the fragility and strength that comes from dedicating your life to the care of others.



Isa Rao


Tom van den Hurk


Adelaida Pardo



Ali Murray


Kieran Gosney


Isa Rao is a filmmaker and cognitive neuroscientist based in Glasgow. Born and raised in Germany she has lived and studied in India and the UK. During her doctoral studies at the University of Glasgow she directed “A Guide to Personalised Medicine”, a science communication short that won a European Science TV and New Media Award. After having worked as a researcher for the BBC, Isa went on to direct her first commissioned short film, ‘Crannog’, for the Scottish Documentary Institute. She is currently working on her next documentary project.


United Kingdom, 2018, Edinburgh IFF,

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