April 17, 2019

DokuFest is delighted to announce that it has appointed Linda Llulla Gashi as the organization’s Executive Director.

Llulla Gashi is part of the organization since its founding, and her contribution has been vital to its development and success. For the last ten years, she has been the Manager of DokuFest’s “Schools and Documentaries” Project, helping the establishment of cinema clubs throughout high schools of Kosovo that actively use documentary film in classrooms, as well as setting up a film center and school in Prizren. Under her leadership, the educational program of the DokuFest developed into one of the most innovative in the region. As an Executive Director, Llulla Gashi will focus on managing the organization’s annual projects, as well as their further development.

DokuFest would like to thank Eroll Bilibani, who has been the Executive Director for the last seven years and who has done an admirable work in bringing the organization to where it is now. We are also excited to announce that Bilibani will now step into the role of Head of DokuLab, bringing his vast experience and skill to further advance the educational program through development of modules that use of art for teaching for wider reach of students, deeper understanding of complex issues and promotion of social development.

We proudly remind you that this is the second leading position held by a woman at DokuFest. While Linda Lulla Gashi is now Director of the Dokufest Organization, Nita Deda remains Director of the Dokufest Festival.

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July 22, 2019

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