DJ Nobu x Jane Fitz | DokuNights

July 6, 2019

We are happy to announce our first DokuNights acts, a night featuring DJ Nobu and Jane Fitz, two key figures in the electronic music scene.

Japan’s DJ NOBU is one of a kind; a DJ with no fixed style but instead a very real ability to draw on a wide world of music and cook up his own unique sound spaces. Known as the organizer of the legendary party called Future Terror and his own label Bitta in his home town, NOBU’s stance as a DJ can be best described as underground — distinguished for an undisputed persistence. However, that should not be confused with stylistic inflexibility for his approach is singular and ever-changing, constantly modified and adjusted to the quality and the concept of each gig he plays. He keeps it all underground, yet he manages to mutate it with abilities that make him stand out.

Our other guest has been DJing for over 25 years. JANE FITZ is resident at London’s Pickle Factory, legendary UK festival Freerotation and her own Night Moves, the party she co-runs with Jade Seatle. Unique in creating her strong reputation from DJing alone, Jane plays a hard-to-categorize mix of music that can take in early UK acid tracks, deep, spacey house, psychedelic techno, and trance or ambient. Recent, unhurried productions have begun to surface under the Invisible Menders name (co-produced with Dom Ahtuam) on cult labels such as Porn Wax, Boe, and Animals On Psychedelics. But playing records in obscure locations remains a focus. As always, there is plenty to discover, much to learn and more to come.

They will be both performing on August 3rd at ANDRRA stage.

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July 22, 2019

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