02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Tips from the inside: Monday (Day 4)

August 6th, 2018

As with every year, DokuFest’s wide ranging programme can at times lead to over stimulation at first sight. In order for visitors to stay on top of things and make the selection process easier, we have asked some of the team behind DokuFest to highlight some of their personal recommendations.

Check back throughout the festival for a brief overview of the must-see and must-attend events taking place all over the delightful city of Prizren. But please remember, this is not to exclude other events. Every single screening, exhibition, discussion, concert, masterclass, dj set and workshop is definitely worth a visit. Choose what you want, be as you are!

As today is going to be a hot day, DokuFest’s executive director Eroll Bilibani recommends visiting the coolest place in town: DokuKino. To start the week with true entertainment, he suggests watching the cinema’s first screening of the day, “The Prince and the Dybbuk” at 12:00. The film shows the cinematic journey of Michał Waszyński who in a bid to avoid intolerance has repeatedly changed his identity like a human chameleon.

Alternatively, artistic director Veton Nurkollari recommends the human rights focussed documentary, “This is Congo,” which will be screened at the same time (12:00) at Lumbardhi Indoor. Director Daniel McCabe provides an immersive and raw look into the enduring conflict in the Congo as he takes up a Congolese perspective, allowing for real life insights.

Continuing the Human Rights programme, Veton also highlights “The Silence of Others” presented at 18:00 at DokuKino. The film recalls the unrepaired repercussions of Spain’s 40 years of dictatorship under Franco, and gives voice to those fighting for justice and against state-imposed amnesia.

A definite ‘must-see’ is the undisputed masterwork “YI YI (A one and a two)” from the world-renowned Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang. Over the course of one year Yang captures intimate and touching scenes from the life of a middle-class family in Taipei. The epic film will be shown at 16:00 at KinoKlub and is Veton’s absolute favorite at this year’s DokuFest.

For the evening, Eroll Bilibani emphasizes watching “The Other side of Everything,” which will be screened at 20:00 at Lumbardhi Outdoor. Director Mila Turajlić returns to DokuFest for the second time after presenting the very well received film “Cinema Komunisto” in 2011. She comes back with a story about her mother, who was at the forefront of resistance in Serbia, in both the socialist era as well as in the time of Milošević. According to Eroll, this is especially worth a watch since Turajlic’s mother, Srbijanka, will participate in the next day’s panel on dealing with the past (on Tuesday at 17:00 at Hamam).

For the final screening of the day, short film programmer Samir Karahoda recommends the special presentation of shorts made by Iranian filmmaking duo, Ali Asgari and Farnoosh Samadi, at DokuKino Plato at 22:00. The films explore a range of topics from dentistry to the refugee experience.

Featured image: Sovran Nrecaj