02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Tips from the inside: Friday (Day 8)

August 10th, 2018

As with every year, DokuFest’s wide ranging programme can at times lead to over stimulation at first sight. In order for visitors to stay on top of things and make the selection process easier, we have asked some of the team behind DokuFest to highlight some of their personal recommendations.

Check back throughout the festival for a brief overview of the must-see and must-attend events taking place all over the delightful city of Prizren. But please remember, this is not to exclude other events. Every single screening, exhibition, discussion, concert, masterclass, dj set and workshop is definitely worth a visit. Choose what you want, be as you are!

The final days allow for an opportunity to catch up on anything you’ve missed and Executive Director of DokuFest, Eroll Bilibani, highly suggests watching the rerun of Fisnik Maxhuni’s feature documentary “Zvicra” at Kino Klub at 18:00. The film is about the pros and cons of having a dual nationality, and beautifully shows the struggles over identity that face Albanians and Kosovars born in Switzerland.

On Wednesday, Eroll told us not to miss “Distant Constellation” a film in which two elderly men reflect on the history and politics of Turkey from the insides of their retirement home, and artistic director of the festival, Veton Nurkollari, repeats this recommendation for today’s screening at 18:00 at DokuKino.

Veton also advises staying in the vicinity of DokuKino after the film closes, in order to catch the 20:00 screening of “Beautiful Things,” an Italian documentary that looks into obsessive consumption, and the production process involved in the creation of the products often believed to be ‘essential.’

Alternatively, festival director Nita Deda recommends taking in a performance in which music, sound art and film combine, when Soundwalk Collective play at Lumbardhi Outdoor, also at 20:00. The group will perform their latest album, which features samples from the personal archive of legendary French New Wave director, Jean-Luc Godard.

Short film programmer Samir Karahoda’s tip for the 20:00 slot meanwhile is “Crazy Love,” which is being screened as part of a selection of International Shorts at DokuKino Plato. The film is made by award winning director, Izer Aliu, and details one man’s attempts to escape the conformity of everyday life.

For the final film of the day, Veton recommends a trip up to Kino Kalaja at the fortress for Bisbee ‘17at 22:00, an American film which observes one town’s commemoration of the forced deportation of over 1,000 workers in Arizona. Eroll on the other hand advises a trip to Kino N’Lum at 22:00, for four short films playing in the National competition, including “Shukria,” which Samir also recommended earlier in the week.

Feature image: Bruno Tenschert / DokuFest.