03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:Welcome to Sodom

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:Welcome to Sodom

Austria, 2018, 92 min

Agbogbloshie, Accra is the largest electronic waste dump in the world. About 6000 women, men and children live and work here. They call it „Sodom“. Every year about 250.000 tons of sorted out computers, smartphones, air conditions tanks and other devices from a faraway electrified and digitalized world end up here. Illegally. Cleverly interwoven, the destinies of the various protagonists unravel the complex story of this apocalyptic society. Their very personal inner voices allow a deep insight into life and work at this place – and of Sodom itself. And you can be sure - it will most probably be the final destination of the smartphone, the computer you buy today.

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Florian Weigensamer – After his studies of Political Science and Communication Science at the University of Vienna Florian gained first journalistic and writing experience at Austrian‘s foremost news magazine „profil“. 1995 he joins the editorial team of Vienna News International where he directed and designed numerous reports and documentaries for European broadcasters.

Christian Krönes – During his film and directing studies he was able to accompany and work alongside the legendary DOPs, Vittorio Storaro und Sven Nykvist. In 1985 he joined the Austrian Television and directed a variety of TV formats. In 1990, Christian Krönes started his work for major German broadcasting companies as well as setting up a media agency in Vienna.
CPH:DOX 2018. Munich FF 2018. Valletta FF 2018.
Aleksandar Govedarica

121 Beaconsfield Ave. # 300
Toronto, ON M6J 3J5, Canada
+42/194/963 5890
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Florian Weigensamer, Christian Krönes
Christian Krönes, Roland Schrotthofer
Christian Kermer
Christian Kermer
Jürgen Kloihofer, Felix Sturmberger

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