Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

:Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

Screening Schedule: 08/04, 22:00, DokuKino | 08/07, 22:00, DokuKino

:Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

Germany/France/USA, 2016, 90 min

In discussion of cinematic "world-building," contemporary conversation tends to drift towards comic-book movies, the fantastical creations that populate the multiplexes, or the self-contained refractions of reality crafted by the likes of Wes Anderson and the Coen brothers. However, few American auteurs have managed to construct as singular a filmic universe as Terrence Malick. His is a world of hushed whispers and natural wonder, a cinema of poetry. The cadence of its voice-overs, the rhythms of its editing and photography, and the ideas that permeate it are all uniquely his.

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Terrence Malick (Writer/Director) was born in Ottawa, Illinois, and grew up in Texas and Oklahoma. He worked for Newsweek, Life, and the New Yorker, and taught philosophy at MIT before attending the American Film Institute. He is the writer/director of “Badlands,” “Days of Heaven,” “The Thin Red Line,” “The New World,” “The Tree of Life,” “To the 18 Wonder,” “Knight of Cups” and the upcoming untitled project starring Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender and Rooney Mara.
Green Drop Award & Special Mention – la Biennale di Venezia 2016. TIFF Toronto 2016. NZIFF New Zealand 2017.
MCF MegaCom Film
Matice Srpske 69E,
11160 Beograd, Srbija
08/04, 22:00, DokuKino 08/07, 22:00, DokuKino
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Terrence Malick
Grant Hill, Dede Gardner, Nicolas Gonda, Sarah Green
Paul Atkins
Rehman Nizar Ali, Keith Fraase
Will Patterson, Hamilton Sterling



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