03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

03 – 11 August 2018
Edition XVII

:The 20th May Incident

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:The 20th May Incident

Taiwan, 1988, 79 min

On 20 May 1988 Farmers’ Right Association took thousands of farmers to Taipei to protest against the government’s indifference to farmers’ rights. Some farmers clashed with the police when trying to enter for restroom. Several were arrested, leading to fiercer clashes. After nightfall, supporters were dispersed by military police with baton and water cannon. More than 120 people were treated with violence and arrested on that day, making it the biggest protest ending in bloodshed around the lifting of martial law. This screening will combine with several news from national TV at that time, we can see how the reality were interpreted from different position.

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Green Team, active between 1986 to 1990, were one of the most important non-mainstream media outlets in Taiwan during the period around the lifting of martial law, when they built up a comprehensive archive of activism documentaries. Only together for four years, they nonetheless honourably upheld their mission to record, disseminate and fight as they documented key social movements in Taiwan.
TIDF, Taiwan 2018.
Chinese Television System Inc.
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Green Team

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