Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

:Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

Screening Schedule: 08/09, 22:00, DokuKino | 08/11, 18:00, Kino Klub

:Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

Italy, 2016, 68 min

Dusk Chorus - Official trailer_documentary 2017 from Fragments of Extinction on Vimeo.

Follow the eco-acoustic composer David Monacchi on his quest to register a pure continuous 3D soundscape in the far away forgotten world of Ecuadorian primary rain-forests. A unique experience of listening to the imprints of the disappearing sonic heritage of millions of years of evolution.

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Nika Šaravanja was born in 1985 in Zagreb. She studied at the Zagreb School of Economy and Management in Zagreb. Currently she is studying directing at the Zelig school of documentary filmmaking in Bolzano, Italy. Until this day her work was based mostly on photography and now she started experimenting with film, a common passion that she discovered while traveling.
Alessandro d'Emilia studied at ZeLIG, Bolzano. Following his passion for climbing and high lining he developed an interest in using audiovisual media in nature and unexplored places.
Best Film – Cinemaambiente FF 2017, Visions du Réel 2017, Durban IFF 2017, GFFIS Seoul. Best International Documentary Award, Durban Film Festival 2017.
Emanuele Vernillo
ZeLIG - School for Documentary
Via Brennero 20/d
Bolzano 39, Italy
08/09, 22:00, DokuKino 08/11, 18:00, Kino Klub
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Nika Šaravanja, Alessandro d'Emilia
Heidi Gronauer, Lorenzo Paccagnella
Concept & 3D Sound: David Monacchi
Alessandro d'Emilia, Nika Šaravanja
Otis Buri
David Monacchi, Anthony di Furia

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