:I Promise You Never to Come Back

Screening Schedule: 08/06, 18:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës | 08/10, 22:00, Kino N'Kala

:I Promise You Never to Come Back / Te prometo nunca regresar

Mexico, 2016, 88 min

By means of a voice over, we get to know a man who decides to leave everything and undertake a journey to an unknown city. He runs away from his father’s death and his girlfriend’s departure. Immersed in existential emptiness and loneliness, he wanders aimlessly, remembering passages from his life and trying to make a film.

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Pepe Gutiérrez (MEXICO DF, 1989) is currently in preproduction on his film thesis “This film I made with
you in mind” at the University Center for Film Studies and post-production of his first feature film “I promise never to return.” Participated in the workshop “Film as a mirror” by Jonas Truebas (2013), as “mezcal jury” in the ficg (2013) and the Talent Campus Guadalajara (2012). Participated as a listener in the DOCS Barcelona (2012). As a filmmaker has directed the short films “The birds look north” (2014) and “The river there among the trees” (2013) which have been screened at national and international films festivals.
Docs MX 2016. IFF Rotterdam 2017.
Pepe Gutiérrez
08/06, 18:00, Shtëpia e Kulturës 08/10, 22:00, Kino N'Kala
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Pepe Gutiérrez
Pepe Gutiérrez
Pepe Gutiérrez
Pepe Gutiérrez

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