Edition 17
3-11 August 2018

Edition 17
3-11 August 2018


Screening Schedule: 08/10, 14:00, Lumbardhi


UK, 2016, 166 min

In a time of great uncertainty, who better than the very talented Adam Curtis to explain the world to us? This is a rare chance to see Curtis’ celebrated latest film Hypernormalisation on the big screen - and immerse yourself in his archival tour de force, as he explains in his unique style the events leading to some of the chaos we live in today.

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Kevin Adam Curtis (born 1955) is a British documentary film-maker. Curtis says that his favourite theme is "power and how it works in society", and his works explore areas of sociology, psychology, philosophy and political history. Curtis describes his work as journalism that happens to be expounded via the medium of film. His films have won four BAFTAs. He has been closely associated with the BBC throughout his career.
Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017. True/False 2017.
08/10, 14:00, Lumbardhi
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Adam Curtis
Adam Curtis, Sandra Gorel
Adam Curtis
Dave Zarpak, Nick Fry



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