:Under the Sun

Screening Schedule: 08/05, 20:00, Kino Kalaja | 08/11, 22:00, Kino Lumbardhi

:Under the Sun

Russia/Latvia/Germany/Czech Republic/North Korea, 2015, 106 min

"My father says that Korea is the most beautiful country... Korea is the land of the rising sun," says eight-year-old schoolgirl Zin-mi. Despite continuous interference by government handlers, director Vitaly Mansky still managed to document life in Pyongyang, North Korea in this fascinating portrait of one girl and her parents in the year as she prepares to join the Korean Children's Union on the 'Day Of The Shining Star' (Kim Jong-Il's birthday). As the family receives instruction on how to be the ideal patriots, Mansky's watchful camera capture details from comrades struggling to stay awake during an official event to Zin-mi's tears at a particularly grueling dance lesson.

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Vitaly Mansky is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Russian documentary filmmakers and producers. His first work appeared in 1989, and since then he has shot more than 30 films which have been screened at festivals worldwide.
Best Documentary – Jihlava DFF 2015
Fedora Award for Best Director – DocAviv 2016
IDFA 2015
DOK Leipzig 2015
SXSW 2016
Hot Docs 2016
DOXA, Vancouver 2016
SFFS, San Francisco 2016
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08/05, 20:00, Kino Kalaja 08/11, 22:00, Kino Lumbardhi
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Vitaly Mansky
Natalya Manskaya, Simone Baumann, Filip Remunda
Alexandra Ivanova, Mikhail Gorubchuk
Andrej Paperny
Evgeniya Lachina, Anri Krenber
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