:Fragment 53

Screening Schedule: 08/06, 22:00, Kino Lumbardhi | 08/07, 18:00, Kino Klubi

:Fragment 53

Italy/Switzerland, 2015, 71 min

FRAGMENT 53 | excerpt from Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli on Vimeo.

An evocation of the God of war introduces the film. A frame ties together and abstracts seven portraits of Liberian warriors. Through their voices war is present in a series of first person accounts, from the fighter's point of view, as an ineluctable human expression of destructive forces that are, at the same time, universal and individual, real and archetypical.

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Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli (Rome 1982) is a visual artist graduated in Philosophy. His practice is mainly project-oriented: it develops from theoretical elements and researches then acted in a wide range of media, resulting in films, performances and installations.
Federico Lodoli (Rome 1982) is an author of several feature-length documentaries and a researcher in Philosophy, currently writing his PhD for the EHESS in Paris
CPH:DOX 2015
Goteborg FF 2015
Ann Arbor FF 2016
Ring Film
Via Bonghi 38b
00184 Roma, Italia

08/06, 22:00, Kino Lumbardhi 08/07, 18:00, Kino Klubi
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Feature Dox
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Tommaso Bertani, Federica Schiavo
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Carlo Gabriele Tribbioli, Federico Lodoli
Ibanez Diaz Carlos
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