Screening Schedule: 08/07, 20:00, Kino në Lum


Denmark, 2015, 59 min

Facebookistan trailer from Jakob Gottschau on Vimeo.

The documentary film examines the paradox of our number-one social media: encouraging us to share, it doesn't share back. Facebook has collected huge amounts of information about all of us, and we have voluntarily allowed Facebook to use this information. Yet we know very little about Facebook. The film aims to provide a new understanding of how Facebook governs the world's biggest public space for discourse.

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For the last 18 years Jakob Gottschau has produced numerous award-winning documentary series, which have been shown in more than 50 countries. These include Late Lessons from Early Warnings and Bringing Life to Space. Gottschau also produced and directed the series 100 years of immigration which won a TV Oscar as the year’s best Danish documentary production. His latest productions are Cyberwar, Facebookistan and When the Ice Disappears.
CPH:DOX 2015. IFF Rotterdam 2016. ZagrebDox 2016.
Jakob Gottschau
+45 20 662 662

08/07, 20:00, Kino në Lum
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Jakob Gottschau
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Jakob Gottschau, Emanuel Andreoli
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