02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII


July 18th, 2017

Five years ago we established a film school “Future is Here” and embarked on a journey to discover young talent through our program that fosters creative documentary filmmaking through practical exercises in storytelling while familiarizing high school students with the concept of active citizenship, human rights and democratic values.

Ever since, as each generation passed through this school, we saw young people inspired to take action on certain social issues primarily through storytelling and filmmaking – by giving them the tools, the know-how and professional assistance necessary to make their own activist films. Last generation produced five powerful short films that travelled to a dozen of festivals worldwide.

This year was no different. Eight young people from Kosovo, Albania and Serbia were selected to undergo the intensive training sessions through DokuFest’s documentary production center, through the process guided by professionals in the field – from the brainstorming and pre-production to the final phases. Their curiosity for the world is around them is key, bringing a transformative aspect to the workshops.

In March 2017, eight selected participants were guided by tutors Blerta Zeqiri, Gullermo Careras-Candiand Emilio Guerra in the preproduction process. In July, students reconvened to start with the intensive postproduction workshop to transform their footage into documentary films. Gazmend Bajri joined the team as a tutor to assist the young filmmakers to complete their films.

The results, yet again, were beyond any expectation. From dealing with personal and societal pasts and presents to exploration of subcultures, the diversity of these stories, as well as sensibility of the topics that these young students covered in their films, promises us another successful film collection deriving from our film school.

And this year, the name of the film school perfectly aligned with Festival’s theme, is another clue that Future is indeed here, and it is stronger than ever.

The films will screen at DokuFest’s landmark River Cinema under the banner “Future is Here” where the audiences will have the opportunity to meet these exceptional young talents.

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