02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Florid Decline

August 5th, 2016

‘Florid Decline’ // Kosova from DokuFest on Vimeo.

A collaboration created solely by volunteers. Made to acknowledge the power of corruption upon all those it most effects. DokuFest would like to warmly thank everyone involved in creating the film including Daniel Mulloy, Hana Arapi, Zgjim Elshani and all whose good will, generosity and talent brought this project to life.

_ concept / director / editor: Daniel Mulloy
producer / 1st assistant director / animator: Hana Arapi
music: Zgjim Elshani
camera / lighting: Samir Karahoda
line producer: Alba Cakalli & Oktay Pomak
effects: Vigan Bytyqi & Prek Memaj
executive producer: Dokufest
special thanks: Petrit Bytyqi, Perllonka Prizren & Leart Shehu __