School and Documentary


“Future is Here” is a training program that fosters creative documentary filmmaking through practical exercises in storytelling, while familiarizing high school students with the concept of active citizenship, human rights and democratic values. This program guides and encourages young people to take action and be active agents for social change through storytelling and filmmaking. This page is dedicated for their stories!

2012-2013 Class: First GenerationClick Here to Watch All Films

Students: Laureta Paçarizi, Rita Berisha, Vernon Shukriu, Edin Alija, Kenan Pallusha, Lorik Mustafa    Tutors: Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Pamela Cohn, Samir Karahoda

Generation 1


2013-2014 Class: Second GenerationClick Here to Watch All Films

Students: Denis Bunjaku, Egzona Berisha, Era Mahmutxhiku, Laura Bilalli, Levik Rashiti, Diella Salihu, Amir Rami, Jon Dujaka, Visar Postoselli, Blend Osmani, Vesë Krasniqi, Arta Berisha    Tutors: Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Pamela Cohn, Samir Karahoda

Generation 2


2014-2015 Class: Third GenerationClick Here to Watch All Films

Students: Arianit Bobaj, Rina Celina, Leart Rama, Adis Cena, Uresa Selimi    Tutors: Guillermo Carreras-Candi, Blerta Zeqiri, Gazmend Bajri

Generation 3


2015-2016 Class: Fourth GenerationClick Here to Watch All Films 

Students: Flaka Brahimi,Andi Bilibani, Fatlinda Daku, Elhame Kastrati, Sonja Azizaj, Albrim Isufi, Ilirjana Memaj    Tutors: Blerta Zeqiri, Emilio Guerra, Gazmend Bajri



2016-2017 Class: Fifth Generation 

Under the guidance and mentorship of Guillermo Carreras-Candi and Blerta Zeqiri, 11 students from Kosovo, Albania and Serbia have commenced the training program and have pitched their ideas to the Jury. This diverse group of students will now continue with the research and start filming their stories. They will reconvene in June 2017 during the Summer Camp for postproduction of their films.