02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII



The participants (18 – 25 years) from Southwestern European countries and the Balkan region will have the chance to engage an intercultural dialogue through creating short documentary films. Thus, while speaking the universal language of art, you will have the chance to bring up political values in a creative way, such as identity, culture and citizenship.

A story can always be told from different perspectives; we believe that exchanging and sharing those different points of view is crucial to a peaceful dialogue between several nations, that is, between several collective memories.

The project ‘Rec’on the future!’ aims at highlighting the various dimensions of youth citizenship in regards to its different social contexts: at the personal, local, communitarian, national, European and global level.


The project will have two training sessions:

1st training session in Prizren, Kosovo: 5-17 April 2016

2nd training session in Prizren, Kosovo in the begining of August 2016 to present and share the shorts and the experience from the 1st training session!


In few words: this project is about meeting people from Balkan and Southwest Europe countries, talking about citizenship, identity, culture through learning storytelling.