Documentary Film School ACTive


ACTive is a biannual regional program of three Documentary Film Festivals: Pravo Ljudski Film Festival (Sarajevo), DokuFest (Prizren) and MakeDox (Skopje). The main goal is the facilitation of the process of maturation and empowerment for video human rights activism among the youth.


Designed as a collaborative, creative and experiential educational program, the regional Creative Documentary Film School ACTive immerses young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia in the creative documentary film universe.

Through group discussions, film screenings, master-classes and filmmaking in small groups, ACTive serves creative documentary film for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In duration of eight days, the young people aged 18-25, explore host location as a creative documentary laboratory, living and breathing filmmaking. Thus, as an intensive program, ACTive demands full commitment and hard work of all involved, but also provides an opportunity to develop great filmmaking skills while enjoying a fulfilling experience.

The first generation of ACTive was organized in 2013 in Prizren, Kosovo by creative documentary film passionate and devoted organizations and film-makers from the Balkans and Europe, considerably contributing to the landscape of new media and documentary film in the region – Studiorum (Skopje), Pravo Ljudski Film Festival (Sarajevo), DokuFest (Prizren) and MakeDox (Skopje). The first generation was generously supported by the Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD).



© Creative Documentary Film School ACTive, Generation 2013 Photo by Olja Latinovic

The Second generation students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia joined the training program in Krusevo, Macedonia to attend lectures and workshops on human rights, active citizenship, diversity and conflict prevention held by both in-house experts and international academics, activists and experts.

For this purpose the audiovisual arts curriculum was developed, including screenings and presentations of socially engaged creative documentary films and media, as well as video workshops. The curriculum and its accompanying activities have were designed to promote among all participants the values of equality, justice, non-violence, tolerance and dialogue, freedom of expression, and civic participation.

© Creative Documentary Film School ACTive, Generation 2015

© Creative Documentary Film School ACTive, Generation 2015

The project partners formed a working group of trainers who were working with the toolkits for use in high schools (all the partners within NED funded activities have developed toolkits for audiovisual human rights education for high schools), who then worked on a development of a training for trainers program for three teachers from each project country already using the toolkit and have demonstrated higher interest and will for cooperation.

The main goal of the training is transfer of knowledge and skills to the involved teachers to train their fellow teachers in using activities through documentary film and supporting groups of students in organizing film related activities.

The second edition of the Regional School was generously supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED).