02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII


We have curated a special program for our DokuKids, featuring films, photography workshop, dancing classes, games and lots of joy!

FILM PROGRAM: Reflecting the joy in us
Dates: 05-11 August, 10:30 hrs
Venue: Kino Lumbardhi
Open to all ages

Five programs curated in cooperation with the Norwegian Film Institute, the Swedish Film Festival, the Hamburg Short Film Festival and the DokuFest curators, we will screen films for  our beloved children for 7 days each morning. The characters in our films show you can catch anger like catching cold, but being happy is even more contagious. They teach us that in friendships rivalry should be put aside. They show us that when losing a friend, finding a new one isn’t as easy as it seems. In particular the films invite a young audience to consider how human close connections grow and what distinguishes one person from another. How we find ourselves caught-up in different situations, and who will be our helping hand?

Dates: 4-10 August
Venue: Loyola
Open to ages: 6-10

Guided by our friends at Loyola school, young participants will explore their imagination through drawing, painting, paper craft, acting and will create a dream world which will resembles their wishes and desires. Through activities and games, children have fun and at the same time reflect the message that our rainbow brings to us, appreciating small things and to be able to create relationships with good intentions for society.

Dance Workshops
Dates: 3-13 August
Venue:  Loyola School

Final performance 11 August, 16.00 hrs Sheshi Shadervan

The “Mirror” workshop is an intense dance training for children who want to develop their dance skills to a professional level and who want to integrate their dance training into personal and spiritual formation. These choreographies aim to socializing children dancing and increasing interest in ballet, art and contemporary dance. The flow of choreography is a method for reflection of feelings through dancing.

Dates: 07 August
Venue: Loyola School
Open to all ages

Exhibition: 08 August, at old Qylhan

In this lab organized for DokuKids, our little ones will learn how to build a dark room, as well as the conditions and materials for developing analogue photography. The first part of the workshop will focus on collecting objects around the city which will be photographed and developed in the darkroom.  The result will be an outdoor exhibition installed by children, staying open throughout the festival.

Registration for all workshops at DokuShop!