02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

02 – 10 August 2019
Edition XVIII

Introducing New Approaches to Civic Education II


The project “Introducing New Approaches to Civic Education II” aims to promote innovative
approaches to foster democratic values and raise awareness of human rights among young
people through the use of documentary film as an educational tool in Kosovo.

Through promoting access to the university level, the project will provide the necessary capacity building to create a new course for future students.

DokuFest will communicate with universities to achieve sustainability of action and eventually integrate this innovative approach into the regular program of some of these universities. The regional dimension, which is a major added value of the proposed action, will be strengthened by regional capacity building and networking meetings to be held in both countries and include university students, teachers, professors and experts from the Kosovo, Czech Republic and Serbia.

With this project, a handbook on Documentary Film in Education and curriculum developed by PIN with Czech Republic experts working with the One World in Schools program will be utilized.

Designed for university students who will become teachers, the handbook provides a short theoretical introduction on documentary films and includes an extensive practical section covering topics such as using documentary films in education, tackling controversial topics, and organizing post-screening discussions. PIN and Free Zone will work with professors from the University of Belgrade’s Philosophy Department to develop practical guidance for other professors and teachers who are interested in adopting this approach or teaching the approach to others.

Drawing on assistance from PIN and the experience of Free Zone in Serbia, DokuFest will pilot a version of the course to the University of Prizren students. During and after the course, participating students will help to revise and adjust further the handbook. This version of the handbook will include a DVD containing the films with Albanian subtitles, that will also be available for download on our official web-site. The main target audience are future teachers, university professors, and teachers.

The project addresses the future teachers, the ones who will be affecting the opinions and influence teenagers in the years to come.

This program has been funded by NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR DEMOCRACY