Zivan Makes A Punk Festival


By Tevfik Rada

My dear friend Ele the elephant never gets hangover because she drinks so much water. That’s why she likes to watch films in Kino ne Lum also. She enjoys the cinema in one hand and the cold water of river in the other.

We went to Kino ne Lum again to watch the film of Ognjen Glavonic called “Zivan Makes a Punk Festival”. Ele is so excited about music documentaries (especially punk) because she was a drummer of a punk band when she was living in Granada. They used to play at the corners of the squat buildings.

Glavonic’s film which is a fictional documentary – mockumentary – shows us a young guys adventure in Serbia where he wants to prepare a punk festival in the village called Tomasevac in three days. He has no money and he is the only organizer of the festival. So he runs for the copy shops to print the low quality flyers, go to rent the low quality sound systems, distribute the flyers in the streets of Belgrade etc. Somehow he manages to make the punk festival in Tomasevac with four bands (he says it is an international one since there is a band from Slovakia) . Few people comes to festival and at the end the result is frustration for him.

Me and Ele see some problems with the films aproach on making a punk event in a ‘unknown’ place with few moneys. İt reminds me of Prizren a bit where making a jam session or forming bands are hard since the lack of the space for making music. So i consider making music as a highly ethical act.

Why is Zivan trying to make a punk festival in Tomasevac and why it has to be ‘festival’? İn the film we cannot find this answer properly and we are obliged to say that he is doing it because he is stupid. The film flows at this level of the parody which turns the mockumentary to an exotic thing like Borat.

The music category in Dokufest is my favourite one. The most interesting music documentary of this year was ‘Death Metal Angola’ of Jeremy Xido for me. I think one can find the political subversiveness of rock music in that film without the evil touch of exoticism in Angola.

When we went out of the cinema it was already midnight. We grabbed some rakia and headed to DokuNights. There was some punk bands playing there. Me and my friend Ele started to pogo in the middle. You can imagine maybe how was it to pogo with a punk elephant.