Top 10 Dokufest Moments


by: Kosovo 2.0

Janina Mehmeti

Dokufest is over, but we still have that itching sensation to communicate everything we have experienced during our stay in Prizren. We have come up with the top 10 Prizren memories that have stuck with us every time we look back at Dokufest.

1. Dokudinner

The Dokudinner makes the top of our list. No matter how fun Dokufest was, or how much we enjoyed the films that were screened, I assure you the experience would not have been the same on an empty stomach. The Dokudinner was served daily at 6 pm for the festival’s staff and special guests, and we had a series of traditionally served dishes. Usually we had two kinds of soup to choose from, three types of salad, a main dish which left you drooling, desserts and or fruits. The main dish consisted of Bakllasarma – a mingle of Bakllava pie crusts and yoghurt; stuffed peppers (commonly known as speca te mbushur) – large peppers filled with meat and rice; sarma – meat and rice enveloped in grape leafs; and gjyveq – a blend of vegetables and larger slices of meat in a sauce. The dessert section usually consisted of sheqerpare, baklava, watermelon, melon, etc.

2. Happy hour

McDonalds isn’t the only venue with a happy hour, Prizren has a happy hour too, twice a day actually. Even if you’re not a big fan of black tea, the tea shop “Menta” in Prizren will have you hooked. From 10 am to 11 am, we could have all the tea we wanted for free; that applied to the afternoon happy hour from 5pm to 6 pm as well.

3. I-want-to-watch-all-films syndrome

Dokufest screened around 240 documentaries this year, and we couldn’t watch all of them, no matter how fast we’d run from one screening to the next. Instead, we planned what films we wanted to see the most and relied on rescreenings to catch the films we missed. We watched the rescreenings over the weekend, and watched other films screening at same hours earlier.

4. A ticket’s worth

One ticket did not correspond to one film; with one ticket to a venue or time slot we were able to watch up to four films screened in a row. Tickets were sold at two euros a piece, completely reasonable and worth the films that we were able to watch for the price.

5. Shadervan legend

If you’re not planning on spending the rest of your life in Prizren, and I mostly direct this to girls,  I’d suggest you don’t drink water from Prizren’s main fountain or Shadervan. According to the people of Prizren, legend says that whoever drinks water from the fountain at Shadervan, will get married in Prizren. So here’s a tip, think before you drink!

6. Everybody knowing everybody

Ever happened to meet someone whose name you didn’t catch and would like to meet again? Well, no worries, if you’re in Prizren during Dokufest, you’ll meet the same people, at the same places at every time and every day. You’ll meet everyone at the tea shop, or at the Dokudinner, at the cinemas or the last stop of the day – at Mullini.

7. Mullini guard

If you felt like partying and the security guard at the Mullini entrance seemed somewhat unfriendly, maybe even mean, don’t worry – we’ve come to that conclusion too! However, every thought of that security guard was wiped away the moment we stepped into Dokunights and enjoyed the music, friends, and company.

8. Street navigation

Prizren has some of the narrowest roads you’ll see in Kosovo. Even the most talented street navigator will have difficulties handling the traffic of people who jam and pack the streets of Prizren. Even when you escape from the crowded places, you’ll have to be careful while navigating the streets away from cars. We’re not sure whether the Prizrenali aren’t great drivers or if we have issues walking, but there were many instances where we felt like we might be crushed by a car at any moment.

9. Heels and stones

There were instances, little glimpses here and there, where we’ve seen girls trying to cross the stone bridge on high heels. They somewhat managed; however, Prizren, Dokufest and stone paved roads are not a good combination for high heels. So for next year, put on your sneakers and enjoy the festivities in a comfortable fashion.

10. Bring along a headscarf

Prizren has over thirty mosques around the city. Most date back hundreds of years and are a great place to visit; so girls, put on a headscarf and spend a day getting to know more about Prizren’s heritage, culture and tradition.