19 – 22 August @ Andrra Marash


DOKU:TECH explores and challenges the social implications of technological innovations through openness, security, connectivity and content. We are gathering reputable speakers, observers, explorers and builders from around the world to talk about open knowledge, digital security, privacy, creating communities through social entrepreneurship and hardware and software development. The 4-day event offers inspiration and a unique opportunity for participants to listen, participate and challenge speakers during talks throughout the programme.

In addition to talks and discussions we have also designed a series of interactive workshops including Cryptoparty (Digital Security & Privacy Workshop), Digital Mapping, Making Music with Floppy Drives, Cyber Forensics for Beginners, Citizen Science, Environmental monitoring and DIY Actions, How to Brew Your Own Beer and How to Setup a Whistleblowing Platform.  New workshops will be announced as they are confirmed.

Website: www.dokute.ch
Speakers: www.dokute.ch/#speakers
Register : www.dokute.ch