National shorts screening today @ 2pm


From Kosovo 2.0

Six short films will be showing at 2pm today in Shtepia e Kultures under the National category.

First comes The Tourist, a Bosnian production about the spontaneous formation of a friendship in Sarajevo between a German tourist and young Bosnian. The filmmaker puts the pair through their paces, over the course of this 13’ film they encounter a fight, an ambulance and an accusation of thievery.

This short fiction is followed by a 10’ attempt at presenting objective reality. On Culture and Tropics attempts to transfer anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss’s approach onto film; director Fisnik Maxhuni presents footage from across Asia abstract of any message.

Next up is Midis dy Botërave, a 26’ portrait of Macedonia, which promises to, “present a concrete reality with the means of expression of the film.”
Lulzim Zeqiraj’s Meet Me follows two children as they start their first year at school and the divergent paths their lives take as the year progresses.

Out of Sight examines what it means to be an Albanian child in the 21st century. The film explores Albania through the eyes of four children, each existing in different locations and social strata, with some facing incredible hardship.

The screening closes with 5’ Heder – a Story About Honor. Honor’s life is torn apart when her brother discovers a photo of her prom in which she is dancing with a classmate.