:The Tourist

Screening Schedule

22.08, 14:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS

The Tourist / Turisti

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2014, Colour, 13 min

On a weekend night in Sarajevo, a half unconscious German tourist meets a Bosnian young man through an unlikely series of events. Their new friendship is tested through a fight, a call to ambulance and accusation of thievery.

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Ariel Shaban currently resides in Prishtina, Kosovo. He began with script writing and directing in 2007, writing and shooting his first two short documentary films, followed by his first short award winning film “The Wedding Tape” in 2011. The Wedding Tape has been mentioned along with other contemporary Balkans films by the New York Times as a part of the New Balkans Film Wave. He finalized his second short “Not a Time For Guitar” in 2014, supported by the Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize, and is preparing his first feature film.
Sarajevo FF 2014.

Obala Film Centar

Hamdije Kreševljakovića 13,

71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jovan Marjanovic


Screening Schedule

22.08, 14:00, SHTËPIA E KULTURËS




Ariel Shaban


Jovan Marjanović, Jelena Stupljanin, Demet Gül, Mauro Mueller


Maja Radošević


Sloven Anzulović


Saša Peševski