:Facing Fear

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18.08, 16:00, KINO KLUBI

Facing Fear

USA, 2013, Colour, 23 min

As a 13 year-old, Matthew Boger was thrown out of his home for being gay. While living on the streets of Hollywood, he was savagely beaten in a back alley by a group of neo-Nazi skinheads. Boger managed to survive the attack and escape life on the streets. Twenty-five years later, Boger found himself in a chance meeting with a former neo-Nazi skinhead, Tim Zaal. The two men soon realized that they had met before… Zaal was one of the attackers who beat Boger and left him for dead. With their worlds turned upside down, the two embarked on a journey of forgiveness and reconciliation that challenged both to grapple with their own beliefs and fears. Neither could imagine that it would to lead to an improbable collaboration…and friendship. Facing Fear retraces the haunting accounts of the attack and the startling revelation that brought these men together again. Delving deep into their backgrounds, the roots of the ideologies that shape how they handle the reconciliation process are exposed. Self-doubt, anger and fear are just a few of the emotions they struggle through as they come to terms with their unimaginable situation.

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Academy Award nominated producer/director Jason Cohen has produced and directed all formats of film and television on projects that cover a broad range of topics over the past 20 years. Cohen received recognition for his work when he was honored with the Nafziger Award for distinguished achievement by alumni from the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism, his alma mater.
Best Documentary Short Subject - Academy Awards Nominee 2013. Audience Award, Best Documentary Short – Outfest FF 2013. IDFA 2013. DOC NYC 2013. Newfest, NYC LGBT FF 2013.

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Screening Schedule

18.08, 16:00, KINO KLUBI


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Jason Cohen


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