KOSOVO 2.0 @ DokuFest – Rubbing shoulders at Doku:Tech


From Kosovo 2.0

Max Korrak (Vienna, Austria)
Digital Practitioner, “Rapid prototyping workshop” at Doku:Tech

K2.0: Tell us a little about your experience at DokuFest? How do you like it?
Korrak: I am surprised how big it is; how many people are here in the city… And about the international people, there are so many different people — I’ve met so many amazing people. Especially here at Doku:Tech, the talks are really amazing, really great talks.

K2.0: Which one is your favorite?
Korrak: So far? I think it was day one, Diana and Bruce Sterling. It was really interesting. And yesterday it was all about surveillance; it was also very interesting for me. I am looking forward to the next two days.

K2.0: What do you like most about DokuFest? The films, the workshops…?
Korrak: I haven’t seen that many films, because I was most of the time here at Doku:Tech. But I really like that the locations are so different. It is not typical like you are in the cinema, but here you can watch films in the castle, next to the river. I really like the atmosphere.

Teresa Crawford (USA)
Board member of IPKO Foundation, Sponsor and speaker of Doku:Tech

K2.0: What brought you here to DokuFest?
Crawford: I am one of the founders of IPKO with Akan Ismajli , Bujar Musa and Paul Meyer. I help to run the IPKO Foundation, and now we are one of the main sponsors of Doku:Tech. We are bringing Doku:Tech for the first time in partnership with DokuFest and with the Share Foundation. So, I am here just to see how it goes. I will give a short talk today, sort of about the history of IPKO and connectivity and Kosovo, and why is it important to make connections with other people and other countries. So, sort of new innovative things and even fun stuff like making beer, making rakia, and doing things for yourself.

K2.0: From your perspective as one of the founders of the biggest technology supporting foundation in Kosovo, how do you see the relationship between Kosovo and technology? How important do you think it is for Kosovo?
Crawford: I think for Kosovo it is everything. You don’t have so much that other countries have, you don’t have oil here or you don’t have natural resources that people are going to mine or whatever. But what you have is a young population, very well connected to the rest of the world. And if they can find their way and make the right connections, I think technology is everything for the future of young people here.

K2.0: And your talk is going to be …
Crawford: A bit historical. So… a lot of kids don’t know where IPKO came from. What we did for ourselves and what we brought, you know way back in 1999. Sometimes, I’ve given talks at BarCamps and I’ll ask people in the audience do you remember the parallel system, did you go to school in the parallel system, do you remember any of that. And they do not remember what it was like back in ’99. So, my job sometimes is to remind people that you can do things for yourself — and a lot of people did do things for themselves for a very long time and didn’t wait for anybody else. So that’s going to be kind of the theme of what I am going to talk about.

K2.0: What about the films? Have you had the chance to see any of the films showcased at DokuFest?
Crawford: No, not yet. But it was really great that the team of DokuFest lined up some of the films to match with what we are talking about here. So, 1971 you know about sneaking in to offices to take paperwork that had been classified to have a better understanding about what was going on during the Vietnam War; the documentary about Aaron Swartz , whistleblowing and going after data that was taken from people to hide the activities of the American Government… So, they were really good about lining up some of these films.

K2.0: Is there any that you would suggest the people here to watch?
Crawford: Yeah, definitely! 1971 is screening here, so people definitely should go and see that. This isn’t the last time that we are doing this, so expect that every year there will be some films that will be nicely connected with social tech and with technology.