KOSOVO 2.0 @ DokuFest: 60 seconds with the talent


From Kosovo 2.0

Kaltrina Krasniqi (director)

QA_Kaltrina Krasniqi

K2.0: Which film on the program are you most excited about?  

I haven’t had a chance to look through the whole catalog yet, but there are some great special programs this year, really interesting.  

K2.0: What makes a good movie?  

A simple idea.  

K2.0: Are you in town for the whole festival?  

Only today and tomorrow morning. I have to leave for Prague tomorrow to work on a film I shot last year. I won’t even get to see the premier of my own film this year.  

K2.0: Which film is that?  

The Canaries Know, it’s on at 8pm on Saturday.  

K2.0: What’s the film you’re working on in Prague?  

It’s about the first 24 hours of the bombardment of Prishtina. It follows a family as they try to make sense of the situation.

Arbies Komani (actor)

QA_Albys Komoni

K2.0: What brings you to DokuFest?  

I’m performing in Kino Cabaret.  

K2.0: Which film on the program are you most excited about?  

When I Will Be a Dictator.  

K2.0: What makes a good movie for you?  

Story, motion, colours.  

K2.0: Have you been to DokuFest before?

Yeah, this is my sixth DokuFest.  

K2.0: What keeps bringing you back to DokuFest?

The energy, meeting new people, sharing stories, partying all night. You get the idea.

Photo credit: Athde Mulla