Highlights day 3!

    Halden fengsel i Cathedrals of Culture

There is really just one film I want to write about from day 3 of Dokufest. And after spending 3 hours in the cinema I think rightfully so! The film I’m talking about is of course ”Cathedrals of Culture”, a film project in 3D about the soul of buildings made by six acclaimed filmmakers. The film can be seen as an experiment, both in using 3D in documentary cinema but also in portraying architecture on the big screen. And is it successfully? Most of the time – Yes! Wim Wenders’ short about the Berlin Philharmonic starts the program and it’s easy to recognize Wenders’ usually style complete with the phantom of the architect himself. Michael Glawogger’s portrait of the the National Library of Russia is a bit pretentions in my opinion, but gives a fascinating insight to the old institution. The highlights for me however is Michael Madsen’s contribution about Halden prison which gives the program a certain edge, even though the film portrays the prison a bit more utopian then it probably is. And Margreth Olin’s short about the Oslo Opera house that gives the performers a more important role then in the other films. Even though the film altogether is a very interesting and notable piece, I wish that Robert Redford’s contribution would have been cut out. Redford’s film is screened in the middle of the program and slows the whole tempo down. It’s one of the most tedious and unnecessary films I’ve seen in a long time, even though the Salk Institute that he intends to portray is spectacular. In conclusion I would also like to mention some criticism regarding the selection of the directors. I think it’s indefensible to select a this homogeneous group, both when it comes to gender and background. With that said, ”Cathedrals of Culture” is definitely a film you should see if interested in architecture and/or filmmaking!

Melissa Lindgren