Everyday Rebellion will open DokuFest 2014 !


Change is in the air. The Riahi Brothers documentary EVERYDAY REBELLION is set to open the 13th edition of DokuFest. The Festival will open on Saturday, August 16th with the screening of the film at the Lumbardhi open-air cinema. And it is not just a film. It is a learning tool for change, and it teaches a valuable lesson: change is up to you and me, and there is nothing more powerful than us.

Everyday Rebellion is a story about the richness of peaceful protest, acted out everyday by passionate people from all over the world. These methods are inventive, funny and sometimes even aggressive. The activists who use them believe that creative nonviolent protest will win over violent protest – and they are right. Nonviolence has scientifically been proven to be more effective and successful than violent protest. The users of nonviolence are feared because they are rapidly changing the world and challenging dictatorships as well as global corporations.

Everyday Rebellion wants to give voice to all those who decide not to use violence in order to change a violent system. Join the movement and remember what Ghandi said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

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