DokuTech is a new addition to the DokuFest line-up this year.

A festival within a festival, DokuTech has been conceived as a platform for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts to exchange experiences, ideas and knowledge.

DokuTech opens today at 5pm with a talk by Lee Bryant on the topic “Openness is the best defense”, asking whether now is the time for companies to make dramatic changes to their management ethos.

Then, at 6pm, a panel of experts will host a discussion about creating and running ‘Hackerspaces’. That is, spaces where tech wizards can convene to tackle the problems of a virtual world that is increasingly encroaching into the physical one.

“I love the internetz, but I hate your fauxsome life” comes at 7pm. Described by DokuTech as “a love poem of a talk on internet life”, the event will be presented by Brooklyn technologist Deanna Zandt about the emotional ramifications of digital technology’s growing omnipresence in daily life.

The day will end with a joint talk by Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic at 8pm. Serling is a writer and one of the founders of the cyberpunk movement. Tesanovic reworks famous war songs to represent the viewpoint of female pacifists.