Doku:Tech on Thursday — it just gets better


From Kosovo 2.0


At Andrra today, Doku:Tech participants will have the chance to be part of another rich program.

Starting at 4pm, Celik Nimani, a Kosovar entrepreneur and community developer, will give a talk on “Hacking Education.” Almost all Kosovar students are enrolled in a university with the hope of getting a good job. But how successful will this attempt really be? Nimani will explain more on how “a country will succeed if it fails to educate.”

Then, at 5pm, there will be a panel discussion on Digital Transformation of the Public Sector, which will be continued at 6pm by Akan Ismaili, Kosovo’s ambassador to the US and entrepreneur. He will talk more on making sense of digitalization by giving a talk on “Connecting the Dots.”

Next, at 7pm, Michell Orru and Pedro Noel will talk about “Digital Whistleblowing: a local, decentralized perspective.” They will tell the story of challenges and successes of creating a more transparent society thanks with GlobaLeaks, a platform which makes whistleblowing easier.

Thursday’s Doku:Tech will close with “Code for All: Harnessing the Power of Tech and Communities to Hack the Civic Experience” by Lynn Fine. The talk will focus on technology and politics, with an emphasis on how governments around the world are attempting to connect (or not, as the case may be) their communities through technology and what Code For All does to achieve this.

But, you will also have the opportunity to pick from a variety of workshops to attend.

After yesterday’s rakija production workshop, today you have the chance to learn “How to Brew Beer.” Starting at 3pm Alex Butler from Sabaja craft brewery will demonstrate and teach “everything you need to make beer at home.”

But Doku:Tech workshops will not stop with this. At 4pm Luzim Gashi and Jeton Ahmetaj from FLOSSK will hold a “Free your Computer Workshop.” The participants will have the chance to learn more about how to use Linux and the benefits of it.

Then at 6pm you can attend “Citizen Science, environmental monitoring and DIY action” workshop held by Bilal Ghalib. You will have the opportunity to learn about technology from another perspective: that of environmental challenges; exploring Kosovo’s implications on using “Safecast Geigie Geiger to monitor our surroundings for Depleted Uranium and radiation.”

Last, but not least, at 7pm there will be an “Open Maps” workshop. Besfort Guri from FLOSSK will demo tools on how to edit OpenStreetMap — a project that creates a free map of the world, and will also introduce the Humanitarian OpenStreet Map.