DokuFest brings six short films from Kosovo to Culturescapes


We are pleased to announce that DokuFest will be presented at the Cluturescapes festival taking place in Switzerland between October 18 – December 13. Our Communication Manager Nita Deda, will be presenting the activities of the festival, its growth as well as our future plans.The presentations will be followed by a screening of a programme featuring six short films produced in the post-war Kosovo. The programme is curated by our Artistic Director Veton Nurkollari and will include Balkan Xpress by Barıs Karamuço, The Wedding Tape by Ariel Shaban; The Column by Ujkan Hysaj; She Comes in Spring by Antoneta Kastrati; Zibidi by Nart Zeqiraj and Our Bride by Yll Çitaku and Nita Deda.

Screening schedule:

Nov 6th 18:30 Geneva (Cinélux)
Nov 7th 21:00 Basel (Neues kino)
Nov 8th 21:00 Basel (Neues kino)
Nov 9th 11:00 Chur, (Theater Chur)

Culturescapes is an annual, multidisciplinary festival in Switzerland, which relates to regions defined by a common history and culture. This year Culturescapes is focusing on the Balkans and will provide an insight into the current cultural landscape of the region. Artists from all spheres – film, art, literature, music, new media, dance and the theatre from the Balkans, can be seen in exhibitions, films, theatre and dance productions. The festival lasts for eight weeks and about 240 cultural events will be held in Basel and other locations across Switzerland and an additional 80 events will take place in the Balkans.