DokuFest XIII:5





Change is constant and inevitable. Change can be for both better and for the worse. In this edition of DokuFest change will be internal and external, hilarious and in turn devastating.

In the world today change seems to have accelerated. We can now see out into deep space, learn a new animal has become extinct and speak face to face with a friend, across the world, all simultaneously on an object smaller than our hand.
Yet for many, change is deeply longed for.

The seeds for this edition’s theme of CHANGE came from a sense that in recent years there has been a growing move, in many parts of our world, towards citizens striving to have a stronger stake and say in their own future. For many this is a struggle, be it against themselves, their situations, society, or the regime under which they live.

The images used for this years DokuFest campaign come from the archives of documentary photographer Jetmir Idrizi. This campaign pays homage to the silent strength of citizens, many of whom continue to struggle for change.

For our thirteenth edition we have selected more than 200 films from nearly 2.400 submissions. We have collected visions from around the world, all singular and connected by change.

The 13th edidtion of DokuFest will be held on August 16-24 in Prizren Kosovo. The full slate of films will be announced on July 24th on our website.



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