Believe it or Not: Faith on Film

    ricardo bar1

DokuFest is pleased to announce a special strand on films dealing with the theme of believing or faith.

 Six hand picked films are part of this eclectic selection and include titles like: Stop the Pounding Heart, a final part in Roberto Minervini’s Texas trilogy, Forest of the Dancing Spirit, Linda Västrik’s amazing and longitudinal exploration of Aka tribe deep in the forests of Congo, Ricardo Bär, Nele Wohlat’z and Gerardo Naumann semi-fictional character study of a devoted Argentinean farmer who wants to become pastor, Manakamana by Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez, the latest to come from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Lab and set completely onboard cable car bound for Manakamana temple in Nepal, Winter/Miracle by Zeljka Sukova and Gustavo beck, a strange and allegorical film on Christianity and finally, beautiful and mysterious A Thousand Suns by Mati Diop, a niece of legendary Senegalese filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambety, whose seminal Touki Bouki and it’s theme is central to A Thousand Suns.  

“Combining elements of fiction and non-fiction characterizes most of the films from this program and we are excited to share with our audience work of this selected group of super talented and visionary filmmakers.” says our artistic director Veton Nurkollari, who curated the programme.

Believe it or Not: Faith on Film Trailer

The full slate of films will be announced on July 24th on our website.

PHOTO: Still from Ricardo Bär by Nele Wohlatz and Gerardo Naumann.