Char… the No Man’s Island

India, 2012, Colour, 88 min

  • Char... the No Man's Island
  • CHAR... the No-Man's Island_ River, boat & the kid
  • CHAR...the No-Man's Island_Border Guard
  • CHAR...the No-Man's Island_People on boat
  • CHAR...the No-Man's Island_Sofi sitting

Meet Rubel, fourteen-years-old boy smuggling rice from India to Bangladesh. Everyday he crosses the international border, river Ganga, which eroded his home in mainland India when he was just four. Years later a fragile island called Char formed within the large river. Rubel’s family and many homeless people settled in this barren field controlled by border army. He dreams of going to his old school in India but reality forces him to smuggle stuff to Bangladesh. He fights on while monsoon clouds arrive inviting flood, the river swells up again.

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Sourav Sarangi studied editing at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. He edits, writes, directs and produces in the fiction and non-fiction genres. His film credits include his award-winning debut film TUSUKATHA and his documentary BILAL that travelled to over 50 international festivals and won 17 awards.
IDFA 2012. Berlinale 2013. Dubai IFF 2013. Sydney FF 2013. DOK.fest IFF Munich 2013. Krakow FF 2013.

Son et Lumiere (India)

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20.08, 18:00, Shtëpia e Kultures


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Sourav Sarangi


Sourav Sarangi


Sourav Sarangi


Minarul Mondal


Sourav Sarangi


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