Com os pés na cabeça

Upside down

Brazil, 2012, Colour, 15 min

  • Com os pés na cabeça - Upside down
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As a country boy, Zeco lives in close contact with nature. The son of a washerwoman and a peasant, he helps his mother to deliver the laundry to her customers. His first contact with the urban world occurs when a girl from the city arrives to spend her vacations in the area. Zeco has hard-skinned feet, because he has never worn shoes before. Clara has beautiful sneakers. The boy took a while to understand why people use shoes. Maybe he still doesn't quite understand and that is why he desires a pair so much. Zeco describes the events at a party through people's feet. At the same party, the children are going to compete for a pair of leather boots.

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Tiago Scorza, Degree in Cinema from the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) works as director and cinematographer. Among the shorts he directed, “The Sound of the Thunder Light” and "Santa Helena in the Jug’s Phantons” were exhibited and awarded in many festivals.
Gabriela Liuzzi Dalmasso, Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at FAU/UFRJ and post graduated in Architecture at PROARQ/FAU/UFRJ. She writes screenplays and “Upside down” is
Sao Paulo ShFF 2012. Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoam, Havana 2012. Araribóia Cine - Festival de Niterói 2012.

Aiuru Filmes
Gabriela Dalmasso
Rua Efigênio Sales, 162/302 Cosme Velho
22241-150, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
+ 55 21 8876-7945


19.08, 12:00, Shtëpia e Kultures




Gabriela Dalmasso, Tiago Scorza


Gabriela Dalmasso, Tiago Scorza, Tiago Morena


Pedro Faerstein


Luciano Lopes, Claudio Gurgel


Tiago Scorza

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  • Com os pés na cabeça - Upside down

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