Room 237

Ireland, 2012, Colour, 102 min

A subjective documentary that explores the numerous theories about the hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining. The film may be over 30 years old but it continues to inspire debate, speculation, and mystery. Five very different points of view are illuminated through voice over, film clips, animation and dramatic reenactments. Together they'll draw the audience into a new maze, one with endless detours and dead ends, many ways in, but no way out.

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Rodney Ascherʼs films have screened at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The George Eastman House, and under the Brooklyn Bridge. His 2010 short “The S From Hell” also premiered at Sundance and in many ways laid the groundwork for “Room 237”. His genre-blurring work includes countless short films, as well as commercial projects for clients including EA Games, Capitol Records, and VH1. In his most recent music video he killed Matt & Kim, Soulja Boy, and Andrew W.K. He lives in Los Angeles with his talented wife, their clever baby, and a beautiful cat.
Sundance FF 2012. Cannes FF 2012. Toronto IFF 2012. New York FF 2012. Fantastic FF 2012.

IFC Films

323 Sixth Avenue

New York, NY, 10014, USA


20.08, 18:00, Kino Europa Indoor

Screening 2

25.08, 14:00, Kino Europa Indoor


Shadow Play: Films on Film


Rodney Ascher


Tim Kirk


Brian Kallies


Ian Herzon


Rodney Ascher


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