Phantom Limb

USA, 2005, Colour/B&W, 28 min

  • Phantom Limb

The death of my seven-year-old brother when I was nine remains a painful and haunting memory. My parents did not know how to cope with the loss of their child and the entire family experienced indescribable pain. Phantom Limb uses this personal story as a point of departure. Whether it is a loss through death or divorce, the stages of grieving are the same. Individuals often go through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, ultimately, some kind of acceptance, in order to heal. Phantom Limb reminds viewers that while grief is painful and isolating, it is a reminder to each of us that life is impermanent.

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Jay Rosenblatt is an internationally recognized artist who has been working as an independent filmmaker since 1980 and has completed over twenty-five films. His work explores our emotional and psychological cores. They are personal in their content yet universal in their appeal. His films have received over 100 awards and have screened throughout the world.
Onda Curta Short Film Award – IndieLisboa. Best Short Documentary – Florida FF. Special Mention Award - Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement, Switzerland. Special Mention Award - Festival dei Popoli. Honorable Mention - Ann Arbor FF. Special Jury Award – Seattle IFF.

Jay Rosenblatt Film Library
Transit Media
P.O. Box 1084
Harriman, NY 10926


20.08, 16:00, Kino Europa Indoor


Masters: Jay Rosenblatt retrospective


Jay Rosenblatt


Jay Rosenblatt


Ara Corbett, Todd Curtis, Jay Rosenblatt


Arvo Pärt, Eliane Radigue


Jay Rosenblatt


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