Balkan Xpress

Macedonia/Kosovo/Serbia/ Croatia/Switzerland, 2012, Colour, 25 min

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“Balkan Xpress” is a road documentary which is made up of filming in Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia. Both the originator and producer of the documentary, Ivana Kvesic has got in touch with the four directors from the countries, to follow one of the directors and their environment, by seeing the reflections of the city and its aura especially throughout the creative process. During this journey, through traces of the transformation experienced by those countries which previously used to make up a whole, we aim to underline the inter cultural similarities and problems with which younger generations in these regions experience.

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Barış Karamuço (1985) was born in Prizren, Kosovo. After finishing his elementary and high school education in his hometown, he enrolled in bachelor of Photography at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul and graduated on 2009. He started his Master’s on film at the same University and graduated on 2011 with his thesis titled “The Black Wave in Yugoslavian Cinema”. In the same year he started his PhD studies on Sociology, at Mimar Sinan University. İn 2012 Karamuço did the documentary “Whose Flag is it?”.

Barış Karamuço
Sezair Surroi, no: 27, Prizren, Kosova


24.08, 18:00, Shtëpia e Kultures




Barış Karamuço


İvana Kvesic


Barış Karamuço


Susanne Hefti


Barış Karamuço

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