Kino Prizreni



1. No smoking or drugs in the KinoLab!

2. Borrowed equipment has to be handled with care and returned intact with all parts. You are responsible for everything and are liable for any damages.
You will leave your passport/ID and sign a form if you borrow equipment from Kino Prizren.

3. Everyone is also responsible for their own safety. If you do stunts at your own risk for a film, you have to be properly insured and trained.

4. The rooms we are working in are provided with the help of DokuFest, so please try to tidy up your workspace and don’t damage anything. Keep open bottles away from the computers and cameras at all times!

5. Kino Prizren is not responsible for the content of the films presented at its screenings. The organizers can refuse to show a film, or can interrupt a film if they believe it contains hateful, racist, obscene, or illegal material.

6. Films shown at KinoKabarets remain the property of their creator but will be collected and distributed via DVDs and internet. By signing this form, you agree to this and give us permission for royalty-free distribution and TV broadcast.

7. Make sure, you only use footage and music you created yourself or that has a Creative Commons License. Respect the copyrights of musicians and artists!

8. The Kino Prizren, DokuFest as well as all sponsor logos must appear in the credits of any film shown at the screening. Remember to mention everyone involved in your project when inserting the film credits and spell the names correctly.

9. All participants have to register and pay the fee! Upon registration you will get an ID that you will use to enter film screenings of DokuFest as well as for identification purposes.