HOME’s impact highlighted at the UN Security Council Meeting

March 1st, 2017

At the UN Security Council meeting held on the 27th of February 2017, and in the presence of high ranking global diplomats, the Representative of the United Kingdom to the UN Security Council mentioned the success of the short film ‘HOME’ as an example of Kosovo’s positive and progressive development.

I would like to note the success of the British-Kosovar film Home which won the best short film award at the British Academy of Film And Television Awards (BAFTA), Kosovo’s first. Following the Oscar nomination of ‘Shok’ last year, it is clear that Kosovo’s cultural sector is growing from strength to strength”, said the Representative of the United Kingdom at the UN Security Council.

This is a very significant mention of ‘HOME’ as an example of building bridges through culture, of our commitment to address global issues, and of our vision to use culture as the main ambassador for presenting our country to the world. The mention of ‘HOME’ as an example for Kosovo’s positive development at the UN Security Council reinforces our country’s image in front of global diplomats and decision makers, and simultaneously brings to their attention the message of compassion with refugees worldwide.

‘HOME’, written and directed by Daniel Mulloy, is a DokuFest, Somesuch and Black Sheep Studios co-production starring Jack O’Connell and Holliday Grainger in lead roles. The 20 minutes film was shot in Kosovo and in the UK through the close collaboration of teams from both these countries and the support of the United Nations Kosovo Team and many other partners. The film highlights the plight of refugees and the violence and abuse faced by millions across the globe. Home is Kosovo’s first production to win the prestigious BAFTA award for the Best British Short Film, and alongside the director Daniel Mulloy and British producers Afolabi Kuti and Scott O’Donnel, the BAFTA trophy was also awarded to Kosovar producer Shpat Deda.